First, let’s make sure you’re all caught up.  By this point in the process you’ve likely installed and configured the Extension, or perhaps you’re just looking for more detailed information as to what this connector does, and what it looks like.

The Connector itself is beautiful in its simplicity:

  1. The Connector is entirely Data Driven

  2. It has no visual interface (other than the configuration on  If you need to see your data, it will be in HubSpot

  3. The data sync is automatic, and one way (Magneto to HubSpot).  As soon as it is active it will begin to grab all the historical data in your store.  That means every Order, Contact, etc.

  4. After that initial sync is completed, the Connector will run every 15 minutes to grab new Orders/Contacts

Occasionally, you’ll have old and outdated contacts in your eCom shop that you don’t want in your HubSpot.  The easiest way to remedy this is simply to delete them from your HubSpot.  They will not re-sync unless the contact updates their profile or make a purchase (making them a valid contact again).

From here, the real value of the Connector is apparent.  All the data is now in your HubSpot Portal, ready to be utilized in Smartlists, Workflows, emails and Campaigns (with customization)!  It is important to note that this really is a Marketing tool.  Despite the fact that you will be sending a lot of eCom data to your HubSpot, it is not recommended as a replacement for Order Processing/Fulfilment and notification.

Getting started, it’s a great idea to set up an Abandoned Cart Workflow.  Check out our article for that setup here!


Where do I see the data?  

It’s all in HubSpot