The HubSpot Connector can determine the best selling categories can be found using the HubSpot connector by creating a new report.

  1. Navigate to the Reports list by clicking Reports > Reports Home > Create New Report
  2. When the pop-up appears, select Contacts Report > Start From Scratch > Create Report
  3. Select a contacts list for the Choose a list field
  4. For the conversion type and time period, select Order Created At and the desired period of time to be examined
  5. Group Contacts By should reflect the period (e.g. you don't want to select "Day" for a year-long period)
  6. Choose the Category Name 1 (Order), Category Name 2 (Order), or Category Name 3 (Order) properties to break the report down by. This will allow you to determine who is purchasing items from a specific category. Additionally, the connector sends over up to 3 Categories from the last order a customer makes.
  7. Click Save Report
This report will then generate a list of the most popular store categories in order from most to least popular.