WooCommerce Installation

  1.  Make sure you have "WooCommerce" plugin installed and activated
  2. Download "EYEMAGINE Hubspot" plugin on https://woocommerce.hubspotintegration.com/
  3. Install "EYEMAGINE Hubspot" plugin
  4. Go to the "HubSpot Integration" plugin page in the admin panel
  5. Make sure that the "Activate data synchronization" checkbox is enabled
  6. Click the "Save Changes" button
  7. Click the "Activate" button to display the configuration page
  8. Enter your HubSpot Portal ID and click the "Continue" button
  9. Сonfigure site data from this page or directly on Configuration page here https://woocommerce.hubspotintegration.com/ -> "Sign In With HubSpot"

On the Configuration page:

  1. Enter your site’s URL (end with a forward slash ‘/’)
  2. Under User Key, enter the "User Key" from "EYEMAGINE Hubspot" plugin 
  3. Under Access Code, enter the "Access Code" from "EYEMAGINE Hubspot" plugin
  4. Fill out the Contact Information
  5. Under HubSpot API Key, enter the API key from HubSpot
  6. Submit the form
  7. Configure deals and submit the form again (optional)
  8. If you see a "Subscribe Now" button, click it to start your PayPal trial (free 6-month trial)

From here, you may need to contact our Customer Support to ensure everything was created correctly.

After that, the sync should begin!