Creating an Abandoned Cart Workflow with the power of the HubSpot Integration is as easy as 1-2-3!

1. In HubSpot, Select 'Workflow'. Create a new Workflow and 'Start from Scratch'

2. Create the Workflow from 'Quote Created At' from the Contact Properties. Or, if the Abandoned Cart to HubSpot Deal is enabled, then use the Deal to trigger the Workflow.

 *Note - You can also create the Workflow based on a List, where contacts have 'Quote Created At' property set within the desired period of time.

3. Create an abandoned cart email; be sure to use the Personalization Tokens from the Connector to customize the email.


  • Use Tokens in the email to personalize it for your guests
  • Add a time delay after the Enrollment, 1-24hrs, depending on when you want to tempt the customer back to make the purchase
  • You can add a second follow up email after a delay and Last Order check
  • You can add an If/then to create a Static List as a quick reference to Abandoned Cart Conversions (After the email, add a delay, and then check if Magento Last Order Date is Less Than 2 days ago)