Note that this document is for familiarizing yourself with the Connector and the data it provides.  If you need help with signing up or installing, those directions are provided in separate documents.

The goal of this document is to assist with getting Data Driven Results:

So, you’ve got a shiny eCommerce site and HubSpot to back it up.  What’s the next step?  Get them to talk to each other!

If you’re not feeding your customers (existing and potential) into HubSpot then you are leaving money on the table.  Every interaction you customer has with your brand is critical.  They leave you information to act on, but if HubSpot doesn’t know about it, it’s not good!  Here are just a few incredibly valuable ways to utilize information from your eCommerce store in HubSpot

  1. Abandoned Cart workflows

One of the easiest things to set up and start seeing results fast is the Abandoned Cart Workflow.  You’ve probably heard of these before, it’s a reminder email that goes out when a customer leaves a cart unpurchased for predetermined amount of time.  It’s important to note that you don’t want to pester your customers into buying, just leave a helpful note with a convenient link so they can pick up where they left off.

TIP: Abandoned Cart not converting? Try throwing in a one time coupon for 5-10% off the purchase.

      2.  Customer Retention Campaigns

Follow up with your customers after they complete a purchase, make sure that they love your product, and turn them into a brand evangelist.  This kind of follow up is very popular with Amazon, many sellers will send an email a few days before the shipment arrives and the a few days after the product has been received.  One of these emails usually contains a small “Gift” like an eBook, additional instructions, or a coupon code for next time.

      3.  Review follow ups

Encourage customers to leave reviews of your product, encourage honest feedback and support if they found something they didn’t like.  Keep in mind, even if they don’t like the product, or something went wrong it’s not an issue, it’s an opportunity!  Use this data to reach out to the customer and remedy the situation.  It’s a great way to turn a detractor into a brand evangelist!

TIP: We’re rolling out a new feature that allows you to capture reviews for workflows

These simple techniques can help boost sales and customer loyalty.  If you’d like to get your website connected to HubSpot, drop us a note at EYEMAGINE.  If you’re using Magento (1.x.x - 2.x.x) or BigCommerce, it’s as easy as 1-2-3! Just visit us at to find out how!