HubSpot + Magento Integration Instructions

Magento Community Edition
1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x
Magento Enterprise Edition
1.10.x, 1.11.x, 1.12.x, 1.13.x, 1.14.x
What you will need:
  1. FTP Credentials with READ/WRITE access to the Magento website.
  2. Magento Admin username and password.
  3. Magento Admin role needs to allow access to System Configuration (Admin role is fine).
  4. HubSpot Credentials.
The instructions for manual install of the Magento Extension are:
  1. Download the file
  2. Launch an FTP Client and connect to the Magento website.
  3. Navigate to the web root of the Magento site.
  4. Unzip the HubSpot Extension.
  5.  Inside unzipped extension folder are folders that represent the various folders on the Magento site.
  6.  In both the unzipped extension and the Magento website, navigate to the following folder:
    1. app/code/community
  7. If your Magento website does not have an Eyemagine folder, copy the Eyemagine folder from the Extension to the Magento website.
  8. If your Magento website has an Eyemagine folder, open it on both and copy the HubSpot folder to the Magento website.
  9. In both the unzipped extension and the Magento website, navigate to the following folder:
    1. app/etc/modules
  10.  Copy the Eyemagine_HubSpot.xml file to the Magento website.
The instructions for activating the extension:
  1. Install the extension (instructions are provided above).
  2. Log into the Magento Admin
  3. Navigate to System > Cache Management.
  4. Check the Config cache and submit the Refresh action.
  5. Log out (this updates ACL Roles allowing access to the HubSpot resource)
  6. Log in
  7. Navigate to System > Configuration > HubSpot Integration
  8. Enable HubSpot and click the Save Config button.
  9. Take note of the User Key and Pass Code  
  10. You can always refresh the access keys, however, this will require updating the HubSpot App with the new values.
Instructions for configuring HubSpot App:
  1. Log into
  2. Click "Sign In With HubSpot"
  3. Enter your HubSpot portal ID
  4. Enter your Magento site URL (include the trailing slash "/")
  5. Paste in the values provided by the Magento extension for User Key and Pass Code
  6. Click Submit
  7. If you see a Subscribe Now button, click it to start your PayPal trial (free 30-day trial)
  8. Site data should begin syncing within a few hours, but depending on the size of the historical data it might take up to a day to fully sync to HubSpot.
Things to check after install:
  1. If you are using memcache or APC, you will need to refresh it in addition to the Magento Cache.
  2. Make sure you installed the extension within the right Magento install.
  3. If you are using multiple servers (separate server for admin) make sure the extension is installed for all of the servers.

Keep in mind that after installation and payment subscription have been completed successfully, the portal will still need to be activated. Therefore, it can take up to one business day before contacts begin to be imported from Magento into HubSpot.